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Well, okay. 8 months have passed, we again began to chat and it's possible that we have a second chance ;)
PS. guarantee to give you nobody can. but the chance such a person you need to give him! Sale Viagra 50mg Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 20, it is up to me no one had. And really soared that can make "something" is wrong. When the first time did not work, was a small tragedy. I somehow thought that the very luchitsa who does not happen. It took about 8 months.(I went to a psychologist for some issues of studying and exams. Once simply referred to personal so to say the problem. He said that perhaps the biggest problems was not, but due to the fact that this is his first sexual relationship and again didn't work, the body/brain/psyche just now don't. So to say the fear that nothing is rooted and it and fails. There is already, in itself, will not change and it is necessary, or a psychologist or a urologist, and even better with us.) I then PM said we could consult a doctor. He said that doctors will not go. And everything was closed. I'd love to do without sex to live, but can't climb on the wall. And being chased on the contrary alienated, like I just sex want.

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Posted by Doctor Jane on September 25, 2016

The fact that you have your MCH not, means that he's just a confident, experienced man. And just quietly understand that these issues can often be resolved. Not all men are okay with this, so you're in luck.
And the fact that he loved and still loves I know. And not just viagra from the ceiling, because I want to. There are reasons, but I don't want the posts to paint, and the topic is not about that ;)
Oh, Yes, of course, weaned, but what you are telling tales. The problem is not in the appearance of the author(well looks to drag everywhere) and not his age.And most likely he's always had problems just with age they worsened.B.yl I have a man but I loved him at that time, I have a beastly temper, like a little normal, but he was often clumsy in bed hair could get, the skin fell( gradually I began to feel that it was intentional, but otherwise he was good).But one article in the journal brought on this idea. In General was wrong, and since he was used that all the problems I decide, that responsibility was removed. The doctor does not in any. So we quarreled and said goodbye( not for sex though).I suffered, and then met someone else, at first thought we were just friends. And slept-it was a roof raiser. Fell on the ears, if anything it is inferior in mind and all the previous ones, but the member is always hard, regardless of the circumstances, they fell out, didn't like how I look, still always wants. And kisses just don't know how immersed in Paradise. And then out of nowhere is the former. Old feelings also in the bag will not stick. Began to beat.It turns out like two. But the new situation is complicated,because he's young , afraid, hopeless. In General, the former embroil me with the new. And here we are with him in bed , and again this flaccid penis, and memories of sex haunt. Pipe shorter
The reasons why "'t get your dick hard"

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Posted by Doctor Doe on September 25, 2012

In addition to the violation or lack of erection can occur and the symptoms: disorders of libido, orgasm, ejaculation. What if "'t get your dick hard" When erectile dysfunction occurs under certain psychological circumstances (shyness, lack of confidence in their abilities and such), it is necessary to address to the psychotherapist or the sexologist. If erectile dysfunction from circumstances not dependent, deals with the treatment of this problem urologist or andrologist.


in addition to the full story doctor on sex life and exploring the need to donate viagra blood for hormones (testosterone, prolactin, gonadotropins, estradiol), also exist special tests – artificial pharmacological erection (injected the drug into the penis, which contributes to its blood supply), also hold registration night erections, ultrasound scan of blood vessels of the penis (to assess blood flow in the penis), cavernosography (x-ray method for the detection of cavernous fibrosis and dysfunction veins), electromyography of the penis (to detect dysfunction of the nerves), magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvic floor and the penis (the identification of structural violations).


Alone is not worth it to treat because the causes of erectile dysfunction are many and should act on them.

Treatment can be both conservative and operative. In addition to treatment of the underlying disease necessary to act on the stimulation of blood circulation the pelvic area, the use of herbal adaptogens and stimulants, drugs to protect blood vessels and prevent blood clotting, expand blood vessels and protect from oxidations, physical therapy, vitamins, hormones (in their failure).

There are also drugs from the group of one-time gain erection (e.g. viagra).

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Posted by Doctor Jane Doe on September 25, 2015

If not effective use surgical treatment – increase arterial inflow or hold the prosthesis. In the vast majority of cases the prognosis is favorable, but it is not necessary to self-medicate.
Hi I have a member generally sluggish handle sweat and zero sense, and porn is not helping viagra anything to try?
#52 Maxim 04.12.2016 08:19
#It seems to me that at a young age if no disease no it is not necessary viagra due to the fact that worry and tact girl, much depends and in adulthood if the guy is not worth even cares less
#51 Ivan 26.11.2016 20:38
Мне14,for some reason I can't get it up, and when masturbator Birou all the rules and falling rapidly ,podskazhite what to do
#50 Irina 26.11.2016 15:44
The guy falls member.What is the reason?
#49 Sergei 31.10.2016 14:22
I'm 20 and I'm terribly concerned about what I have it does not arise, and if it gets sluggish
#48 Sasha 30.10.2016 11:42
I'm 28 years old bad dick's is well what is it?
#47 Micah 29.10.2016 04:43
Finally the storm nifiga not worth it
#46 Den 24.10.2016 23:39
I'm 12 and I can't get it up poche mu so Kurenai or what
#45 Samir 24.10.2016 22:13
Hi all. I have the same this app does not arise partner doing Blowjob and gets me 23 podskagite to do???
#44 Alex 11.10.2016 10:43
#43 NA 11.10.2016 00:15

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I'm 76,I had some things to write here ...decided briefly.
Youth it involves brutal exploitation of Wiener.. Tary failures - not to twist "cartoons" ahead of time,not to watch porns that would not "masyvas moment" at the right moment...
Not to engage in "crafts" (God made eve),
Nah work if there is at least one dead horse..
The physical load in the area melovogo pelvis
Not to forget that my wife between the legs not Kochegarka furnace.
More power - less nerves...
Don't be sad boys I'm waiting for spring...))
#32 ACI 21.01.2016 14:48
My dick gets up in time polovogo the first act, but BTAP polovoy the act is not very reagiruet there and then experience Vali
#31 Anzor 07.01.2016 04:09

Nullam Dolore

#39 Beha 17.05.2016 12:33
Hello dear friends I have me through can't get it up waiting for your Soveti
#38 Alex 10.05.2016 09:19
Hello!!! First sex, but did not get up. Although in the morning and gets up from porn. Could it be from excitement.
#37 Andrew 05.05.2016 18:33
Not worth the penis, a blood test revealed nothing, everything is clean.what could be the reason?
#36 Vadim 10.04.2016 15:30
Hello. I'm 23 my dick gets up, but during sex after a while falls. What could it be?????
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zdrastvujte dear I have a problem. the member hard-on lessons with love and when masturbiroval it does not rise above, but after the first slow-Walker 2nd stick when it does not
with 13years I masturbate this is the problem please help
#34 Anton 11.02.2016 16:06
I'm only 17 years old the first time I have not got a member I'm not much in a panic and not know what to do
#33 Jks 04.02.2016 12:36