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In General to date,we have met and everything.When I wasn't hitting on her,she tried to contact and showed signs of attention,jealous and so on.But when rolled up or started to ask when they say it will be enough for her to have to hang around,she took offense and disappeared.
Was already and does not ignore the long,she reached out,tried to take her to bed immediately,she was offended and left.Negativity poured out just a paragraph,it seemed needy because of the opinion I was responsible for the breakup.Was really hard.The last 2 months did not talk,I first did not intend to write,but from her full pohuizm visible.Previously, it was enough for 2-3 days and begin to write and call,and now this crap.The other girls already had enough,more than 10,begin to compare and send fuck new passion immediately.After a breakup it's been almost half a year.
Who will help her return will be rewarded generously.

Met in the VC, no mutual friends, just saw it and wrote on the first day of the correspondence gave your number, then immediately phoned, agreed to meet and sit in a cafe, I'm not being obtuse, he still would have taken on the second day of communication, its behavior is strained, the experience women are malleable only in the presence of the skeleton in the closet. Out came with this neckline...., in the process of communication found smoke, no kids, although I was sure that this is the basic skeleton, but really wants, says what to bear it to 30 because then everything goes with the complication of physiology, was the mistress married, what regrets, there are specific plans for work after leaving the former registered on a Dating site, showed what kind of messages she receives, laughed and said that like her father, and therefore answered. On the second day I went to the movies, walked to the house, near the entrance, began to make out, suggested to come, I asked to have sex, she said Yes, there was no humor in the answer was no, it was a direct response, broke the pattern finally, always women mollify yourself, even if you really wanted none of them spoke directly, but hints of that said, let's not be hasty. Thought to communicate more will not, itself called on in the course of communication threw the pictures of father, mother, openly told me about yourself, said medical experience started as a nurse in an orphanage for HIV infected children, it bugged me, and decided to push for the full, offered to be tested for HIV, I think now would send, agreed, came together and passed, then together got the results back, all good. The third date ended with sex, Blowjob, did not ask she did, and fabulously. Now meet, live with interruptions from her, navozhu order, changed the handles on the Windows, for broken, fixed, comp..., she is not hands, to do Laundry, wash floors, even in the stairwell in front of the hut, to cook eat all can, just found out he's out with friends at the bar, have a beer or Apple Jack, offered to move in with her finally gave me the key.

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Realize that killing yourself but the strength to send her there. Even now longing for her, I want to congratulate N. G., then maybe try to reconcile. Brain hints to make Sanchez for 2-3 months. But why? Full of other women!!!
Don't know how to stop it! All day I think about her, sorry that she met that restored ED pills that turned into a rag, etc. up half the night not sleeping. Can't work, etc.

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A month met, but every time some hemorrhoids. The woman was rude - I can't stand it anymore. Once again shit, including that the woman did not want me to spend the new year. Woman said this is the end, because nothing comes out and tired of showdown.
Vaska is not yet. But its in the phone and found attempts to come to terms with the former and correspondence with the new Vasek. But nothing happened.

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Then worse and worse ED pills. I tried to fix it but in correspondence and in meetings every time the rude neadecvat (including on my part). I was exhausted and suggested a pause (for me it was Sanchez). Wanted to make Sanchez a few months until I find a replacement.
Sanchez did not. Have pinguinul in 2 weeks. After another 2 weeks, called and with great difficulty restored ED pills... but nothing since stopped going to the field.

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I'm 76,I had some things to write here ...decided briefly.
Youth it involves brutal exploitation of Wiener.. Tary failures - not to twist "cartoons" ahead of time,not to watch porns that would not "masyvas moment" at the right moment...
Not to engage in "crafts" (God made eve),
Nah work if there is at least one dead horse..
The physical load in the area melovogo pelvis
Not to forget that my wife between the legs not Kochegarka furnace.
More power - less nerves...
Don't be sad boys I'm waiting for spring...))
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