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Known for over a year. Once you understand that, not my thing, but kept as a temporary option and it seems stuck. The woman in me also sees no value. Buns wants from a relationship, but not embedded.
A couple of times split up for a month or more. I did not care. I'm pinging and fucked (Baba was alone in these moments)
A woman foolish and [email protected] With his inadequate manners, jokes, etc.
I lined up WITH. She whined - almost switched to LTE. Baba turned on the demo - I swam. Then began viagra to extinguish the conflict and Baba more and more began to become impudent. I was hoping it's not Stuck (although the woman settled in the head), thought it was just sex. Began to react to cooling her. Her D did B. there was a fear of loss.
Beginning 4 months of hemorrhoids:

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At my little school babe as always responded very inappropriately and said - we're done.
I tried to accept it - perhaps it is time. But the roof was demolished and lost sleep. After a couple of days the beginning of the clamping - wrote her - she was silent for a couple of days - then answered - was reconciled with difficulty. The woman made a hint. I pissed away the time and wanted to continue LTR.
A couple of weeks was another conflict. I did not put out and did D. She was offended. Then foolishly began to find out ED pills in correspondence. Stir all G.

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Began a relationship with a girl for the second month already began to live together. Once gathered together, he began to notice strange behavior, and she was desiring me, and later began rarely have sex, finds constant excuses, lost the joy in communicating with me, just complains to me about their problems. Before he came everything was fine, my significance was at the level, but now I have low to zero. Began to say that as we began to live together she stopped feeling like a girl, dreamed of a strong man, I seemed to her so now no that can't perform for me wifely duties because she has a lot of problems, a blockage on school work and so on and that I was a lot in her life and she does not have time to miss me. Rent, says that she wants to live in it alone, so it will be easier and it will not be in front of me nothing is obliged, and allegedly'll cope financially. In General, what we have, a complete lack of understanding, says that she herself does not understand. I feel that she has feelings for me, but also understand that the man she's in me now sees. I want your advice friends what to do, how to increase its value and most importantly how to behave with her?

The other day I tried not to come home, sakuragi with a friend and got lost, woke her up for school you said you would. the next day was easyplan her attention a lot of calls and messages to which I answered short and end the conversation first. wrote that was very worried where I was and at the same time was very angry that I did that Made me even a delicious dinner that I promised to come but never came. Got her attention, but then fell again and underestimated its importance.
Now matured a plan of action is this ( and you help me to correct and Supplement):

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I'm 76,I had some things to write here ...decided briefly.
Youth it involves brutal exploitation of Wiener.. Tary failures - not to twist "cartoons" ahead of time,not to watch porns that would not "masyvas moment" at the right moment...
Not to engage in "crafts" (God made eve),
Nah work if there is at least one dead horse..
The physical load in the area melovogo pelvis
Not to forget that my wife between the legs not Kochegarka furnace.
More power - less nerves...
Don't be sad boys I'm waiting for spring...))
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